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Mahama is running, yet again, after all

Am l the only one who thought and felt that former President, Mr. John Mahama was being overly coy with his post election political ambitions? You harbored the same sentiments, right, didn't you? Ok then, we are in the same boat. ¬† Though he publicly declared his intentions on FACEBOOK --- they have been a…
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Disgruntled soldiers soiled military’s reputation

I could neither fathom or imagine it; on Wednesday afternoon, a group of renegade soldiers in Tamale reportedly took the law into their hands and visited violence and mayhem on random¬† police officers for reasons steeped in arrogance, abuse of power and blatant disregard for our national laws. It was a scene out of war-torn…
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Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal shows why he is dangerous

U.S. President Donald Trump has once again demonstrated why he is the most dangerous head of government in the world. Last week in a move that stunned the international community but largely pleased his support base, Mr. Trump withdrew the United States from the Iran nuclear deal. His reasons for this monumental foreign policy blunder…
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The Ghanaian economy is in a funk

Their narrative/story-line is rapidly becoming exhaustive and redundant; the constant drumbeat by President Nana Akuffo Addo and his orbit of ministers, special advisers and friends that the Ghanaian economy is resilient and on full throttle. Harsh realities on the ground, however, --- the self- preservation induced epic daily struggles by working class Ghanaians to adequately…
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