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Placing armed civilians at polling stations in December a very bad idea

I have always belabored the point that if political violence breaks out in December, the two major parties, the NPP and NDC, should be held wholly responsible. The smaller parties, after all, have essentially been defanged by the EC. Broken down and diminished with the recent mass disqualification of their presidential candidates, they pose less…
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Did NPP really threatened to close medical school at UDS?

So it was that the NPP at one point during its administration came close to shutting down the medical school at UDS. Initially, my reaction to Alhaji Hudu Yahaya's disclosure last week at a campaign stop, that the NPP was on the cusp of scrapping the school, the first of its kind in the north,…
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Electoral Commission dashes the presidential dreams of 12 candidates

On Monday, the Electoral Commission sent shock waves across the political landscape with its decision to disqualify 12 presidential candidates seven weeks removed from the December elections.  Like millions of Ghanaians, I am still scratching my head to understand why the commission elected at this point to take this drastic action. But the commission did…
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