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Pardoning the Montie 3, an August surprise from the president

Well, the president has sprung an August surprise on us---pardoning the Montie trio with a nod from the council of elders, a fact we should not gloss over when discussing the pardon. Shrewd as the president is,  he made sure he had somebody to give the stamp of approval to his decision, and the council…
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Pastor Daniel Obinim and the long arm of the law

Nearly a week after a disturbing video emerged and ultimately went viral, of Ghana's most controversial pastor, Daniel Obinim brazenly violating the rights of two frightened teenagers, he walked around a free man, with an air of defiance and unbelievable arrogance, daring law enforcement authorities to come get him, and charging his critics to clamp…
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Ghanaians should expect fireworks as campaign officially begins

Folks, the 2016 contest for the presidency of our dear nation has officially began. One party is ready and geared up to go.  The starting point was at the Cape Coast Sports Stadium on Sunday when the ruling NDC officially launched its bid to hold on to power. The launch was reportedly a huge gathering…
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In the political battles between the NDC and NPP, Muslims are pawns.

In previous commentaries, I have railed against a group of individuals I described as devious for their erroneous belief that our country is their private property and therefore they are entitled to say whatever suits their whims and pleases their political paymasters. The provocateurs, of course, come from the two major political parties, the NDC…
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