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A Northern Star Fades; the Demise of RTU

The end is near for Real Tamale United and the prospects are very disheartening; a team that once competed at the upper echelons of Ghana National Football League and thrilled thousands of its supporters with entertaining football is now a pale shadow of itself. Firmly anchored at the bottom of the League Table - an…
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Confronting Our Demons; It is about Time.

Almost forty-five years ago, an event occurred in Yendi and left an indelible mark on me, an impressionable skinny, gap-toothed pre-teen; it was a gray, dull morning and the harmattan had thrown a cordon over the small sleepy town. Like other startled residents, I was jostled out of bed by the rapid sound of gunfire.…
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The Next President Will Have His Hands Full

With the general elections tantalizingly close, the nation’s two major parties, the NDC and the NPP each smell victory; they have pitched their tents, reinvigorated their campaigns and revved up the rhetoric. And, of course, they are doing what politicians do best; peddling seductive half-truths to voters and trying to win them over with vain…
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