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Anybody can be a victim of gas disaster-NPA CEO.

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA), has warned fuel station managers and owners to stop using their stations as lorry parks. According to the NPA, operators engaging in such practice should either convert their fuel stations to lorry parks or have them closed down. The NPA's warning forms part of the its National Safety Campaign and…
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Traders Accuse Tamale Mayor of Abuse of Power

Some affected hawkers and container shop owners along Dagomba Street and food venders have accused the assembly of going beyond areas they earmarked for the exercise. According to the traders, the assembly continual announcement on radio was within the central business district and not along streets such as Bank Street around Alhassan Hotel and ADB…
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Tamale Mayor Warns Recalcitrant Hawkers of Possible Prosecution

Hawkers who attempt to stage a come back and hawk in the streets of Tamale will be chased, arrested and prosecuted by the law court, Metropolitan Chief Executive Iddrisu Musah Superior has warned. According to the mayor, the assembly efforts in ensuring sanity on the streets of Tamale particularly, the central business district cannot be…
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