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ActionAid-Ghana calls for prosecution of employers violating abour law

ActionAid-Ghana, an international Nongovernmental Organization (NGO), is advocating the prosecution of heads of organizations in both formal and informal sectors who violate the rights and dignity of female employees. ActionAid said, the practice where young women are subjected to all forms of abuse in their quest to gain employment must stop. It wants the labour…
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Starbow airline crash lands in Tamale

A Starbow Airline with nine six (96) passengers on board crashlanded at the Tamale airport Tuesday, reports said. The front tyre axil is said to have broken when it landed. Zaa News sources at the airport say the plane veered off the runway and landed at the end of the runway. Speed is said to have…
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Commercial sex workers issue fiat to clients

Commercial sex workers (CSW) operating in the Tamale metropolis have decided that it would be in their own interest to play it safe with patrons.  They have therefore issued a fiat to their clients stating that they would no longer accompany them to their  homes.  The CSWs took the decision because an increasing number of their new patrons are the infamous internet fraudsters popularly called SAKAWA. In another blow to…
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