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Commercial sex workers issue fiat to clients

Categories:  Business Subheader body: Commercial sex workers (CSW) operating in the Tamale metropolis have decided that it would be in their own interest to play it safe with patrons.  They have therefore issued a fiat to their clients stating that they would no longer accompany them to their  homes.  The CSWs took the decision because an increasing number of their new patrons are the infamous internet fraudsters popularly called SAKAWA. In…
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Soya-bean Farmers Receive Funding

Categories:  Business Subheader body: The Chamba Community Co-operative Credit Union (CCCU) has disbursed GH?136,350 to Soya Bean Cooperative Farmers at Chamba in the Nanumba North district of the Northern Region. This is to help facilitate soya bean production, which is high in nutrition and will improve upon their livelihoods. The Union last year disbursed GH?84,850 to…
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Eastern corridor contractors in standoff with workers

Categories:  Local Subheader body: Management of AG Andrade and Gutierrez Odebrecht, the two Brazilian construction firms working on Lot 6, of the North-Eastern corridor in the Northern Region have asked striking workers to call off their strike while they engage union leaders in negotiation over their salary increment issue.  The workers declared a sit-down strike Wednesday after…
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Eastern corridor road project stalled over workers sit-down strike

Categories:  Local Subheader body:   Work on the 209 km North-Eastern corridor asphalt-pave in the northern region to enhance transportation of goods and services have stalled following indefinite strike declared by the workers over salray increement.The workers took management by suprise when they declared an indefinete sit-down strike beginning Wednesday September 2,2015 to press home  their demands.…
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