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Nakpachie schools closed down indefinitely after ethnic clashes

Basic schools within the Nakpachei community have been close down indefinitely following ethnic clashes between Konkombas and Dagombas. Both the primary and junior high schools have been closed. Ruminants have taken over the schools at least for now. Teachers and workers of the education sector have also fled the community for fear of being attacked.…
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Green track students doubtful about returning to school

Some first batch of students in the northern region under the Green Track have expressed their disappointment at the government’s decision to introduce such policy. Some of the Green Track students who are leaving the various campuses to pave way for their Gold Track colleagues say the double track system was frustrating them and should…
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1973 year group of Ghanasco donates to alma-mater

The 1973-year-group of the Ghana Senior High School (GHANASCO) who set an academic record that is yet to be broken by any other year group has advised students to bring back the past glory of the school. The 73 year-group’s academic performance of the then Ghana College led to it being nick-named “the Space Center…
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