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Amputation is not punishment but treatment-Orthopedists

An orthopedist, Dr Wilfred Labi Addo, has called on health personnel at various health facilities, especially at emergency wards to provide proper advice to patients with fractured limbs. The in-proper advice or lack of fracture healing knowledge among health workers, Dr Labi said, has created a wrong impression among the public about bone treatment in…
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NHIS mobile renewal reduces waiting time

  There has been significant reduction in the number of National Health Insurance clients who visit the NHIS offices in the Tamale metropolis and Sagnarigu municipality for new registrations and renewals. Zaa News can report of very few people, mostly fresh clients, the destitute, and pregnant women spotted in small queues waiting to go through…
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Parents of children with autism are not failures says a psychiatrist nurse

A psychiatric nurse at the Tamale Central Hospital (TCH), Mr. Isaac Borlu has encouraged parents of children with autism not to lose hope but to focus on the positive. According to him, just like anyone else, children with autism spectrum disorder often respond well to positive reinforcement. This, he says, means when you praise them…
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