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Minister cautions Muslim leaders over hate preaching during Ramadan period

The Northern Regional Minister Mr Abdallah Abubakar has sounded a caution to all Muslim leaders in the region to conduct themselves with the utmost respect during the month of Ramadan. The minister particularly appealed to Imams from the various sects not to divert their daily preaching in the Tafsir in attacking one another but rather…
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Top model donates to Naluro international school

Miss Victoria Micheals, a top model, Philanthropist and an entrepreneur based in Ghana has encouraged the youth in the northern region not to consider their current situation as a hindrance in achieving their goals in life. According to her, there is no barrier for people living in the northern part of the country and so…
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Assembly man donates sanitation tools to Anbariya Islamic institute

The assemblyman for the ADB electoral area Abdul Razak Gombila has donated cleaning and waste collecting items to the Anbariya Islamic institute on Friday. The items included 40 metal dustbins, 40 brooms, 10 rakes, 4 shovels, 4 wheelbarrows, 4 big sign boards, and 16 small sign boards.   Presenting the items to authorities of Anbariya,…
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Stay at post for scheduled five working days-PM to assembly workers

Workers in the Karaga district in the northern region have been asked to stay at post, during the scheduled five working days. Some staff members of the assembly have been accused of traveling out of the district on Fridays and returning to work on Mondays. Addressing the ordinary meeting of the assembly at Karaga, the…
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