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Kojo Yankson Breaks Journalistic Rules And Still Has a Job

Mr. Kojo Yankson, the resident loudmouth and symbol of unflinching arrogance at Joy FM radio station in Accra, came under withering criticism for his poorly sourced account of what caused the devastating gas explosion at Atomic Junction a fortnight ago. I watched Mr. Yankson's video with rapt attention, and I presume you did the same;…
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President Tours Northern Regions And Sees Poverty First-Hand

On his just concluded visit to the northern regions, traditionally NDC strongholds, President Nana Akuffo Addo did not disappoint. He brought with him a huge gift bag. And, along┬áthe way, he dipped into the bag and showered voters who had gone overwhelmingly for his opponent in last year's presidential elections, with gifts of development projects,…
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Another Gas Explosion and Government Promises Reforms: We Are Waiting.

I always complain bitterly to a close friend of mine that the one fundamental problem plaguing our dear nation, Ghana, is our gross inability, our deliberate and stubborn refusal to obey simple rules and regulations. Need I say, we are a nation of non-conformists, a collection of unruly law breakers. Time and time again, the…
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Why Are Ghanaians Not Angry at the National Communications Authority?

I don't know about you, but I am still peeved, indeed angry by last week's action of the National Communications Authority to throttle slected radio stations in the country. Its decision to revoke the licenses of more than a hundred radio outlets while imposing huge fines on others, is unprecedented in its scope and reach,…
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