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Mr. President, the economy is in a free fall

Two years into his administration, President Nana Akuffo Addo, is yet to realize his dream of radically transforming the Ghanaian economy. He campaigned on doing a much better job than his predecessor but to date, the economy, from all indications, is stuck in neutral. Nothing concrete in terms of jobs, economic opportunities and easing the…
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Journalists Under Attack Across The Globe.

It is an open season on journalists. All across the world, journalists are under attack. There is no denying this unpleasant truth. From the United States, to little known Malta off the coast of Italy, journalists are being verbally and physically assaulted, raped and in extreme cases, murdered.  It is ugly, sad and by all…
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When Bawumia and Mahama Trade Insults, It Is The North That Suffers

Politics as the saying goes is a dirty and divisive game; it is not for the faint of heart. If you lack the fortitude, tolerance, a big heart and patience to be in the game, it is definitely not your calling. Without mincing words, let me state categorically that some of our northern politicians sorely…
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Mahama Is Back Big Time

It was a stinging defeat; he least expected it. All along, he thought the Ghanaian electorate was going to extend his stay in office by giving him another four years. But everything fell flat on election-day in 2016. The then opposition NPP had managed to pull off a spectacular victory, and he was left holding…
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