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Milk and Honey Promises, President Akuffo Addo Keeps Churning Them Out

President, Nana Akuffo Addo has one peculiarity that is endlessly irritating; it is his penchant for making milk and honey promises that he knows full well won't see the light of day. Yet, like clockwork, he keeps churning them out to the delight of his loyal supporters and well wishers but to the dismay and…
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NPP Should Tread Carefully in Prosecuting Corruption

President Akuffo Addo, from all indications, is determined to fulfill one of his campaign promises, that of weeding out corruption in high places. ┬áTo this end, he has pushed hard for the creation of the office of Special Prosecutor. And he may get his wish. Though the bill is currently stalled in parliament largely for…
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