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Attacks on poor Mannasseh Azure Awuni expose the ugly underbelly of the NPP

Mannasseh Azure Awuni, the drab JoyNews investigative reporter, has been the target of obscene and malicious attacks, some of them bordering on ethno-tribalism, for what I will deem innocuous Facebook post describing the President's speech on Thursday as incoherent, angry and lacking substance. Mr. Awuni, who until this barrage of attacks, has been in the…
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Two major political parties not inspiring confidence with constant bickering.

The role of religious leaders in fostering societal peace and harmony cannot be overemphasized. Ghanaian religious leaders are not grandstanders when it comes to the social and economic plight of the ordinary Ghanaian. Needless to say, their commitment to the welfare of the less fortunate in our society is total and unquestionable. By and large,…
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