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Mr. Addo Now Sings A Different Tune On Political Vigilantism

If there is one inescapable variable about President Nana D. Akuffo Addo it is this; he is an astute, calculating politician. The man knows the appropriate time to strike when the iron is hot, so to speak. To this end, he hasn’t hesitated to hold his fire on vital national issues knowing very well that…
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Latest Road Carnage Calls For A Serious Look At Transport Owners.

Once again, two gory accidents last week shook the nation to its core and numbed Ghanaians. The accidents, one in the Central region and the other in the northern region, reportedly claimed the lives of nearly a hundred of our fellow citizens. As is often the case when tragedies of this kind occur, politicians came…
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Tribal Violence Rears Ugly Head Again In Chereponi

Whenever tribal violence breaks out in any part of the country, my heart bleeds. But when it happens closer to home, it is particularly excruciating, in fact, heart-wrenching. Reports of renewed clashes between Chokosis and Konkonbas who are close neighbors, drove me up the wall. I am stunned and just cannot wrap my head around…
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