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Mrs. Jean Mensa, Head of the Electoral Commission Not An Honest Broker

The ongoing feud/war of words between the former president, Mr. John Mahama and the chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Mrs. Jean Mensa is one that should be a source of worry to all well-meaning Ghanaians; in fact, it should engage our attention for a variety of reasons. For one thing, it once again puts the…
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Time To Get Tough With Chinese Nationals Who Break Our Laws

When Ms. Alice Huang, the Chinese businesswoman was busted with two container loads of rosewood timber a week ago in Tamale, many were those who wanted her scalp; they eagerly waited to see if authorities will throw the book at her without hesitation. In other words, they long to see Ghanaian officials finally deal drastically…
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The Brave Young Journalist Who Resisted A Bribery Attempt

It takes raw nerves, fortitude and unyielding determination to bring down high level corrupt government officials. They are protected at all stages either by bureaucratic red tape or by the reluctance of presidents to initiate swift action against them. Emboldened by the protection unfairly extended to them, corrupt government appointees feel invincible, arrogant and on…
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