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Israeli Ambassador’s Stern Lecture To Ghanaians; a Diplomatic Faux Pas

It is not always that members of the diplomatic corps in Ghana behave badly, they hardly do; for most part, they respect our national sovereignty by obeying our laws and staying clear of issues or doing things that could possibly generate controversy. There are laws governing diplomatic behavior; in fact, there are lines that just…
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Mr. Addo is the darling of the Ghanaian media; who is he kidding?

The President, Mr. Nana D. Akuffo Addo this week lavished praise on the Ghanaian media. He told the select few --- members of the Flagstaff House Press Corps --- who had been invited to hobnob with him that he was grateful for the fair but critical coverage of his presidency in the past year and…
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The hunt for Mrs Charlotte Osei’s scalp continues

Mrs. Charlotte Osei the head of the Electoral Commission, is fighting for her professional life. Suffice it to say that her tenure has not been exactly trouble free or peaceful or a walk in the park. She has been villified, abused, scorned and threatened by politicians who wrongly entertained the misguided notion that she was…
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