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With the elections mercifully around the corner, I am fearful.

  With the general elections mercifully around the corner, I am holding my breath and sitting on thorns. I am not mincing my words. To put it more bluntly, I am petrified of election violence on Wednesday. Forgive me, if I sound so pessimistic: I have a premonition that things will not be orderly on…
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Sister party to the Republican Party in America? NPP must be delusional

In the immediate aftermath of his stunning victory in the recently concluded US presidential election, Mr. Donald Trump, was the recipient of congratulatory messages from around the world. Many were literally fawning over the newly minted head of the the world's most powerful nation. One message caught my attention; it was that from the NPP…
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Our nation a shining star on the hill if we pull off a clean election

With just a few weeks before Ghanaians choose the individual they think is best suited to lead them for the next four years, it is a feeling of great wonderment and immeasurable glee that somehow we have managed to reach this point without pushing our nation over the cliff. Which explains why I am brimming…
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