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NDC should not allow bitterness of its electoral defeat to cloud its good intentions.

Whenever a political party loses crucial elections, it invariably goes into a period of prolonged "mourning" and denial, where self doubt and internal squabbles paradoxically become the most important elements. The NDC which recently lost the presidency, while suffering heavy losses in parliamentarian elections, will no doubt, undergo bouts of depression, finger-pointing and hand-wringing. There…
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The aftermath of the elections requires all hands on deck

That large sucking sound you just heard is Ghanaians heaving a collective sigh of relief at the just concluded elections. Though there were scattered reports of violence, the elections, nonetheless, was a resounding success, and we ought to congratulate ourselves for a job well done; yes, let us pat ourselves on the back for exercising…
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Today’s elections is a momentous event pivotal to our future as a nation

Ghanaians troop to the polls today to elect their political representatives. It is a day to rejoice and celebrate our democracy, which has grown by heaps and bounds. The feeling is ecstatic, almost euphoric. That we are holding elections again, is an unmistakable demonstration of the resilience of our democratic experiment, which I should proudly…
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With the elections mercifully around the corner, I am fearful.

  With the general elections mercifully around the corner, I am holding my breath and sitting on thorns. I am not mincing my words. To put it more bluntly, I am petrified of election violence on Wednesday. Forgive me, if I sound so pessimistic: I have a premonition that things will not be orderly on…
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