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History will judge Mr. John Dramani Mahama

He may have lost the elections; but he has not lost his dignity; he may have been an afterthought for a plurality of Ghanaians, but Mr. John Dramani Mahama's love and passion for and commitment to the country he governed for six years remain steadfast. This was clearly evident in his farewell speech to the…
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The NDC should stop the blame game and reboot for the future

Without mincing words, let me say this loudly and clearly: the NDC's electoral defeat at the hands of the NPP in the recently concluded general elections stings, it is devastatingly painful. Many in the NDC, indeed, are still agonizing over the loss. But herein lies the fundamental question: when is the vanquished NDC going to…
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Hajia Boya Hawawu Gariba may have broken our gun laws.

Public officials are required to be above reproach; they are expected to conduct themselves in ways that distinguish them from ordinary citizens; put another way, they are suppose to act responsibly and prudently. ┬áTo this end, anything and everything they do is invariably scrutinized. Hajia Boya Hawawu Gariba, the deputy Ghana Ambassador to Saudi Arabia,…
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