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The carnage continues in Syria

  My heart bleedsĀ for Syria; the country famous for its rich historical past and ancient artifacts is dying a slow, excruciating death; yet another truce designed to save the country from complete destruction has crumbled after just a week of observance. The ceasefire calculated to keep the warring factions apart and away from the battle…
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Time to crack whip on those itching for political violence

As we inch closer to the December elections, such is the worry about the potential for violence that, no effort is being spared by the government, the political opposition and civil society groups to ensure that Ghanaians elect a government of their choice without hassle, intimidation and fear. On his numerous campaign stops President Mahama…
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Bawumia’s blistering attacks on President Mahamaa are becoming old and stale

Dr Bawumia, the NPP vice presidential candidate never misses an opportunity to sock it to the President and the ruling National Democratic Party. So, there he was at his latest campaign stop.....the National Theater, unleashing a torrent of sharp barbs at Mahama before a crowd of cheering partisan supporters. As is often his style, Bawumia…
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Politicians thrive on promises that are sometimes hard to fulfill

I have always thought of politicians as an entirely different breed of humans, more prone to issuing tantalizing yet outlandish campaign promises than to fulfilling them, and voters as a bunch of gullible, happy go lucky folks, who gleefully accept these promises without questioning their practicality. It is a social contract, so to speak, the…
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