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In the political battles between the NDC and NPP, Muslims are pawns.

In previous commentaries, I have railed against a group of individuals I described as devious for their erroneous belief that our country is their private property and therefore they are entitled to say whatever suits their whims and pleases their political paymasters. The provocateurs, of course, come from the two major political parties, the NDC…
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President Mahama has shown leadership on Montie 3 issue

Much was expected of President Mahama when the Montie radio 3 were shipped off to the big house at Nsawam by the Supreme Court three weeks ago....his own party which had gathered thousands of signatures on a petition .....wants him to out-rightly pardon the three party apparatchiks, while the other side dares him to do…
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Political violence and the coming elections

Smaller political parties in Ghana, on the surface, don't exert a lot of influence; they are marginalized and often don't get credit for their contributions to the national political discourse, no matter how important; they have little representation in parliament, therefore their ability to influence policy is limited to occasional public utterances which Ghanaians don't…
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Freedom of speech under assault by Justices of the Supreme Court

Wednesday the 28th of July 2016 will go down in infamy. Years from now when Ghana's history is written, it will be noted explicitly that it was the day freedom of speech was savagely assaulted, shredded and ultimately strangled to death by a veritable national institution that is constitutionally obligated to uphold and protect this…
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