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Young people of Tamale leading the way for peaceful elections

It is a scene you want repeated across the country; large crowds of young Ghanaians taking to the streets and demanding of their political leaders and representatives to behave themselves as the elections draw nearer. The young people of Tamale led by the Global Ambassadors for Peace on Thursday set a glowing example for the…
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Handing out cash is a “time honored practice” in African politics.

Once again for the umpteenth time, President John Mahama is under attack, this time for allegedly distributing cash on one of his many campaign stops. Attack dogs of the main opposition party wasted no time jumping on the President. When blurry images of Mr Mahama emerged depicting him in the act of handing money to…
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The carnage continues in Syria

  My heart bleedsĀ for Syria; the country famous for its rich historical past and ancient artifacts is dying a slow, excruciating death; yet another truce designed to save the country from complete destruction has crumbled after just a week of observance. The ceasefire calculated to keep the warring factions apart and away from the battle…
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