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Labor’s demonstrations reflect citizens’ anger and frustrations with rapidly deteriorating economic and financial conditions

It is now a familiar scene; Ghanaian workers under the leadership of their various unions taking to the streets of major cities across the nation to protest harsh economic and financial conditions and the government's indifference to their problems. While the demonstrations have been viciously denounced by government agents as being overly political, designed to…
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Nuclear deal welcomes prodigal Iran back into family of nations

While Ghanaians have been busy obsessing with and hyperventilating over the government's decision to roll out the welcome mat to for the two former Guantanamo Bay detainees, the rest of the world was witnessing a momentous event that will have huge implications for international diplomacy and international co-operation. My point of reference here is the Iran…
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Tamale needs investors to further expand her growth

Tamale was once described by a prominent international news magazine as the fastest growing metropolis in the West African region. I could not agree more with the assessment. It was apt and accurate. The Tamale I knew in my youth is not the city I know today; over the last three decades, Tamale has undergone a…
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