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Some in the private media have not been fair to Mr. Mahama

A visibly angry President John Mahama came out strongly last week against a section of the Ghanaian press he accused of viciously seeking his electoral defeat by obfuscating his messages and distorting his record of achievements. In laying out his claim, Mr. Mahama was extremely careful not to mention names or point fingers, and he…
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Northern regional chairman of NPP should be thoroughly grilled by police

Apparently alarmed by what they see as a threat ---to station armed civilians at polling stations in the north ---- to our democracy and to security in the northern region authorities, that is, the Ghana police service in Tamale, have taken the first logical and necessary step by inviting the source of that threat, the…
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Placing armed civilians at polling stations in December a very bad idea

I have always belabored the point that if political violence breaks out in December, the two major parties, the NPP and NDC, should be held wholly responsible. The smaller parties, after all, have essentially been defanged by the EC. Broken down and diminished with the recent mass disqualification of their presidential candidates, they pose less…
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