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Mahama’s political foes milking Ford Expedition gift

We are in an election season and President John Mahama is a sitting duck; his political opponents sensing his vulnerabilities have sharpened their knives eager to cut their pound of flesh. They are indeed taking aim at him ostensibly to knock him from his presidential perch. To this end, anything the President does is immediately…
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Bustling and Thriving City of Tamale

Every time I come home from the cold winter of North America to the warm, sprawling and shining city of Tamale, I am filled with awe.┬áThe sheer expansion of the city, which seems relentless, and at times unstoppable, continues to fascinate me. I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that in just a…
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Corruption is rife because we ordinary folks embolden those who engage in it

World leaders met in London last week ostensibly to find solutions to a problem that continues to bedevil many nations: corruption. They tackled key corruption problems; corrupt financial flows, corruption in public contracting and corruption in health and sports. The summit focused attention on corruption at high levels of government and tried to spur worldwide…
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