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Sanitation Days in Ghana Are Public Admission of Guilt About Our Unclean Environment

Sanitation Days in Ghana are well-intentioned events. However, lately they have sadly become obscene public spectacles where starched government bureaucrats and regional political chieftains strap on Wellington boots, don fatigues and with shovels in hand lead groups of clearly disinterested citizens to clean shoddily constructed drainage systems of mounds of waste. Sanitation Days are a…
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Northern Incorruptibility Unmasked by Scandals

It is quite disheartening to make this observation.  And no, it is not a betrayal of the northern cause by any means. Rather, it is stating an uncomfortable truth; northerners in positions of authority have become irredeemably corrupt.  To put it bluntly, they have hitched a ride on the corruption bandwagon and enjoying every moment…
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