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Police warned youth groups in Tamale ahead of fire festival

Police in the Northern Region have issued a stern warning to youth known for fomenting trouble to stay away from any attempt to disrupt the celebration of the annual Bugim festival (fire festival). The police have also warned popular political youth group leaders that they will be held responsible should any violence break out in Friday's  Bugim festival. The…
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Gov’t appointee elected Presiding Member in Karaga assembly

A government appointee in the Karaga District Assembly has been elected as the Presiding Member (PM) of the assembly. The former Pishigu assemblyman, Husein Haruna popularly called H.H VASCO, voluntarily stepped aside in the district level elections but was appointed by government. Out of 49 assembly members, 46 voted yes and two voted no, with one rejection.…
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29 new members of Mion district assembly sworn in; PM election postponed

Twenty elected assembly members of the Mion District Assembly were on Tuesday sworn  by the Yendi Circuit Court Judge, Williams Appiah Twumasi. The members included 9 government appointees, two women and one representative from the community of persons living with disabilities. They were all appointed by the government. The 29 members will serve a four-year term. Mion was one…
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