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Gov’t to award projects to traditional areas in the North that embrace peace

The Northern Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) is considering a quarterly award for traditional areas with total peace in the region. According to the RCC, the award will come in the form of a deliberate government project for any traditional area that will ensure that people eschew violence and conflicts for the period under review. Northern Regional…
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Chief inspects One-Village-One dam project

Naa Alhassan Andani, the Chief of Pishigu has encouraged contractors working on the government's One-village-One Dam project in his town to continue the good work. The dam is expected to provide safe drinking all year round. Pishigu is among several communities with water problems during the dry season when wells dry up. The construction which is…
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Civil society organization urges parents to keep disabled children

    Monday, April 30,  Sharecare Ghana launched The project coordinator of Sharecare Ghana, Mr. Ibrahim Abubakari Imoro, has urged parents and the public to desist from the practice of killing their own children born with symptoms of autoimmune and neurological conditions. Several children across the globe, especially in Africa have suffered inhumane treatment including…
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