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Oxfam urges Ghanaians public sector workers to change their attitudes

Oxfam International, a nongovernmental Organization has called on Ghanaians, especially public sector workers to change their attitudes towards work if they really want the country to catch up with developed countries. According to Oxfam, complains of lack of resources among government sector workers will continue to exist if workers remain adamant in changing their attitudes…
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Security analyst warns of negative repercussions of political hooligans

Security analyst and director of academic affairs and research at the Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Center (KAIPTC), Dr. Emmanuel Kwesi Anning, has warned that Ghana is not far from becoming destabilized if care is not taken. According to Dr. Anning, similar situations have given rise to war and instability in other sister African…
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Stop Projecting Africa Negatively-IAMMIA to African Media

The Africa Media Monitoring Intelligence and Advocacy (IAMMIA-Africa), a media research organization has condemned Africa media for consistently projecting the continent negatively in the eyes of the world. IAMMIA-Africa headquarters in Ghana's capital-Accra also conduct research for banks in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa calls for media owners and practitioners in Africa to focus on…
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