Expert Says Too Much Stress Can Lead to Mental Health

Psychiatrist on mental health

A mental health nurse at the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) psychiatric unit, Mr. Stephen Asante has stated that when one is not able to cope with stress, it can lead to mental illness.

He said: ''Stress is very important when dealing with mental health and illness. Over working, excessive exercise, physical injury or trauma, surgeries, infections, physical diseases or chronic pain can lead to stress,"

Speaking on health issues on Zaa Radio, Mr. Asante said various emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety and fear can also cause chronic emotional or mental stress. Marital difficulties, the use of drugs /alcohol and other mental stress related to one's work, financial difficulties, too much diet, he added, are other factors that can also cause mental stress.

Mental stress, he noted, arises from a feeling of being overwhelmed, losing control or feeling trapped with no way out.  Many people who suffer from depression, anxiety, frustration, anger, fear and guilt, have habitual distortional thought patterns that lock them into a stress-producing mentality. Family fights, pressing deadlines, too many commitments and too busy lifestyles can all result in mental and emotional stress.

Mr. Asante quoted the World Health organization (WHO) as saying that mental illness will become the second highest cause of morbidity in the world by 2030 if people do not pay attention to their mental status, this Mr Stephen think is due to societal stress. He has therefor advised the public to watch over their stress levels.

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