Tamale Dakpema to be buried at Toum according to palace spokesperson

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The burial of the late Tamale Dakpema Naa, Alhaji Alhassan Mohammed Dawuni, will take place at the burial place of his ancestors (the Toum) which is situated behind the Tamale central hospital.

The Guma Naa, who is also chief of Kakpayili, and who as required by customs and traditions is mandated to officially announce the death of Tamale Dakpema was angry at both social and the mainstream media for usurping his role by announcing it.

It took the intervention of the elders with an apology before he officially announced the death of the Dakpema.

The Guma Naa delegation arrived at the palace at 5 am on Sunday to begin the rituals.

Spokesperson for the late Dakpema, Tishegu Sabaa Naa Abass Salifu, told Zaa News the wives of the late Naa Alhassan Mohammed Dawuni have to vacate the palace immediately news of their husband's death was made known to them.

Animals found around the palace were slaughtered by the Kakpag Naa entourage.

The late Dakpema he explained will be carried shoulders high through the Tamale market and later to the final resting place at the Toum. This ritual, he added, was to show both indigenes and non indigenes that the custodian has gone.

Chief Sabaa Naa said the sad event came as a shock to the elders, especially those closer to him and recounted how the late Dakpema had lost his beloved sister last week and told his subordinates that he will ensure his sister got a befitting funeral.

"But on the third day of her funeral rites, he passed on. He didn't live to see his sister funeral but that's Allah's will," he said.

Fate of Dakpema educational fund

The spokesperson explained that management of the fund will change dignitaries of the fund. "We are hoping the fund will continue because it has helped needy students some of whom are now medical doctors," he said.

The Dakpema was laid to rest on Sunday at about 4 pm at the Dakpema's  museum. Hundreds of residents poured out on to the streets amidst dancing with neem tree leaves. Women were seen carrying neem leaves chanting while dancing to the throbbing beats of the gongon.






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