Stop donkey skin Trade-Donkey Sanctuary

  The Donkey Sanctuary, a UK-based Civil Society organization has called on the government of Ghana and the local authorities in the northern region to halt the trade in donkey skins. The Donkey Sanctuary expressed fears that, with continue killing of donkeys in Ghana and other West African countries for production of ejiao. The Ejiao…
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Ken Agyepong Has Hijacked Our Politics

Mr. Ken Agyepong, the obnoxious and crass Assin Foso legislator never ceases to amaze me. Anytime the dude is in the public space, he is either ranting and raving or verbally bullying and intimidating a hapless politician, a journalist, or the ordinary man in the street. Let’s give it to Ken; he is, either by…
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GHS launches vaccination campaign against measles and rubella

The Ghana Health Service has launched a vaccination campaign against Measles and Rubella diseases. Measles is a dangerous disease which either debilitates or kills children. It is caused by a small germ, called the measles virus. It is transmitted or passed from person to person when the virus is discharged from a patient’s mouth or…
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