Stop Projecting Africa Negatively-IAMMIA to African Media

The Africa Media Monitoring Intelligence and Advocacy (IAMMIA-Africa), a media research organization has condemned Africa media for consistently projecting the continent negatively in the eyes of the world. IAMMIA-Africa headquarters in Ghana's capital-Accra also conduct research for banks in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa calls for media owners and practitioners in Africa to focus on…
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President Promises to Name and Shame Corrupt Officials. Really?

There is one thing about President Akuffo Addo; like the seasoned politician that he is, he loves to make promises. During the campaign, he made a bunch of them, the famous one being "One district One Factory." We are yet to see this particular promise materialize. Five months into his young administration, Mr. Addo is…
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Are We Safe In Tamale From Fires? The City Has Only One Fire Hydrant

Today's modern cities like our wonderful metropolis Tamale always prepare for any eventuality. Be it a natural or man-made disaster, or an flow of refugees fleeing a war zone, city authorities are expected to be adequately resourced to contain any fall out. The safety of city residents and the integrity of the city's infrastructure and…
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