Citizens-Star Ghana TV Show Starts December 19

Citizens and civil society organizations will by December 19 have an opportunity to play the role of the media on the television. The Star Ghana TV show is part of efforts increasing citizen’s participation in local governance process in Ghana. The television show which is expected on 19 December will focus on policy advocacy and…
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Scaring Civilians With Massive Military Parade In Dagbon Isn’t The Answer

The image was jarring; an assortment of security agencies --- heavily armed camouflage-clad soldiers, helmeted police officers and their snotty nose civilian superiors in fright-inducing vehicles slowly motoring through the principal streets of Yendi as startled residents watched in complete bemusement. Has Yendi suddenly morphed from a sleepy backwater into a killing field, a la…
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62% of female apprentices abused by their master- Women survey reveals

A survey conducted by Action Aid Young Urban Women within Tamale metropolis on economic and sexual exploitation of apprentices revealed wide spread abuse of abuse of female apprentices. Apprentices learning tailoring and hair dressing the survey revealed go through sexual, verbal and emotional abuse from their masters on a daily basis. The survey centered on…
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