Abudu Chiefs boycott Regsec Meeting-Accuse Reg. Minister Of Bias

The Abudu Royal family has boycotted the meeting convened by the Northern¬† Regional Security Council (REGSEC) as part of efforts to resolve the recent impasse between the Abudu and Andani families over the enskinment of a chief for Kpatinga. The RGSEC however met with the Andani chiefs and had a fruitful discusions with them. Northern…
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Regsec Meets Abudu Andani Chiefs Over Tensions In Dagbon

The Northern Regional Security Counci (REGSEC)¬† is currently meeting with chiefs from the Abudu and Andani royal gates in the Dagbon Chieftaincy. The meeting, according to sources close to the REGSEC is amongst other things aimed at addressing recent developments in the Dagbon chieftaincy that are threatenning the peace of Dagbon.¬† This latest development is…
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"Arrest Bolin Lana"-Andani Royal Family Demands

The Andani Royal Family has called for the arrest of the Bolin lana for allegedly indulging in the enskinment of chiefs in Dagbon, a move the family says is contrary to the customs and traditions of Dagbon. It says Dagbon has one regent and the authority of the Kampakuya Naa Abdulai Andani is not in…
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Mion MP Reacts-To Allegations of Incompetence

Constituency executives of the NDC in the Mion constituency have said they will ensure the renewal of the mandate of the incumbent MP Dr. Ahmed Yakubu contrary to claims that he was no longer popular. At a news conference in Tamale on Monday spokesperson for the group, Inusah Alidu said the people of Mion know…
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