Bring Opposition Into Government for Sake of National Unity

I cringed listening to NPP shogun, Obetsibi Lamptey on BBC’s Newsday Radio Program on the day of the Presidential and Parliamentary elections try vainly to rationalize the party’s decision to seek legal redress for what he described as “electoral rigging.” Pressed for any evidence of rigging by the BBC presenter Julian King, Lamptey only muttered,…
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We will support Mahama-NDC Northern Regional executives

The Northern Regional Executive Committee of the ruling NDC have expressed their gratitude to president Mahama for his overwhelming endorsement in the region and the country as a whole.The executives say they are delighted and have confidence in President Mahama's capacity to continue advancing the better Ghana agenda chapter two.A statement signed by the regional…
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Fierce and nasty 2012 Election Campaign Mercifully Coming to an End

On December 7, Ghanaians will once again freely elect a President and hundreds of parliamentarian representatives. Barring unforeseen circumstances or events---voter fraud and post-election violence---that could scuttle the hopes and aspirations of many, Ghana will inexorably cement its hard-earned international reputation as a bastion of political stability.   Ghanaian politicians are a strange breed, prone…
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Tamale Motorcyclists: Defiant, Daring and Deadly

Is Tamale fast morphing into the African version of Bangkok the teeming Thailand capital where motorcyclists are ubiquitous? There is mounting evidence that it has. The surge of motorcyclists in Tamale is unprecedented; just stroll onto the streets of Tamale on any given day and the sheer number of motorcyclists will simply overwhelm you. They…
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