NORSAAC graduates youth in bicycle repairing

Eight beneficiaries of the Northern Sector Action on Awareness Center (NORSAAC) have graduated from its bicycle training in Gumani. The training forms part of NORSAAC effort in reducing unemployment and also providing skills to the youth in the northern region. The beneficiaries went through six months various bicycle repairs training with tools provided by NORSAAC…
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Wulugunaba appeals to gov't to speed road projects in Mamprigu traditional area

The President of the National House of Chiefs and the paramount chief of Wulgu traditional area, Professor John Nabila has commended the NDC government under the leadership of the late president Mills for responding to an appeal for creation of the Mamprigu/Maduri district.  Professor Nabila, on behalf of the paramount chief of Mamprigu traditional also…
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President Trumpets Nation’s Stability but Fault-lines Remain

While some of our West African neighbors---Sierra Leone, Liberia and the Ivory Coast---have self destructed, Ghana has managed in the face of odds---military coups, ethnic conflicts and political grandstanding--- to avoid civil upheaval. Acutely averse to large scale violence and the mayhem and hardships it unleashes, Ghanaians have exercised great restraint and controlled their violent…
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Zaa staff and equipment are healthy and as fit as a fiddle.

The Management and staff of Zaa Radio in the northern regional capital of Tamale realized that attention has been drawn by our cherish listeners online in both within and outside Ghana to the effect that, the station was burnt down completely leaving many staff injured following the unfortunate clashes between sections of the Muslim Community…
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