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OPINON: Why President Mahama Deserves Another Chance to lead Ghana to prosperity


In an engaging and insightful media session on July 7, 2024, Former President John Dramani Mahama demonstrated why he is the right leader to guide Ghana through its current challenges and into a prosperous future. Highlighting his extensive experience and strategic vision, Mahama laid out a comprehensive plan structured around five thematic areas, each designed to address the nation’s pressing issues and propel it towards sustainable growth and development.

Experience: A Proven Track Record

Former President Mahama’s tenure from 2012 to 2016 was marked by significant infrastructure development and efforts to stabilize the economy. His administration oversaw the construction of critical road networks, hospitals, and schools, which are still benefiting Ghanaians today. Mahama’s deep understanding of crisis management, honed during his previous presidency, equips him with the necessary skills to navigate the country through its current economic difficulties. His familiarity with governance and experience in executing large-scale projects are invaluable assets that he brings to the table.

Visionary Leadership for Economic Revival

At the heart of Mahama’s vision is the revival of Ghana’s economy through sustainable development. He plans to achieve this by focusing on industrialization, enhancing agricultural productivity, and ensuring efficient resource utilization. Mahama envisions an economy that is inclusive and growth-oriented, restoring hope to the youth who have been disillusioned by unemployment and economic instability. His policies aim to create a robust industrial base, support farmers with modern techniques, and manage natural resources in a way that benefits all Ghanaians.

Commitment to Job Creation

Job creation, especially for the youth, is a cornerstone of Mahama’s plan. He pledged to create decent, well-paying, and sustainable jobs through fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. Recognizing the potential of young Ghanaians as change-makers, Mahama’s administration would focus on creating an environment where businesses can thrive, and innovative ideas can flourish. This commitment not only addresses unemployment but also inspires the youth to contribute to the country’s development actively.

 Championing Social Justice and Equality

Mahama’s dedication to social justice and equality is evident in his proposed policies. He aims to strengthen social interventions and educational reforms to ensure equal opportunities for all citizens. One of his notable proposals is the establishment of a national women’s bank, designed to financially empower one million women across the country. This initiative reflects his commitment to gender equality and economic inclusivity, recognizing the pivotal role women play in the nation’s progress.

 A Call to National Unity

In a country often divided by partisan politics, Mahama’s call for national unity is both timely and necessary. He emphasized the importance of national cohesion and advocated for an end to the polarization that has characterized the current administration. Mahama believes that Ghana’s strength lies in its diversity and that nation-building requires the collective effort of all citizens, regardless of political or ethnic affiliation. His vision for a united Ghana is one where every citizen feels valued and has a stake in the country’s future.

Former President John Dramani Mahama’s recent media engagement showcased his dedication, experience, and strategic vision for Ghana. His commitment to economic revival, job creation, social justice, and national unity presents a compelling case for why he deserves another chance to lead the nation. Mahama’s comprehensive plan addresses the immediate challenges facing Ghana while laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and development. As Ghanaians consider their options, Mahama’s proven track record and visionary leadership offer a promising path forward.

Source: Ibrahim Angaangmeni Aalhassan

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