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Combating violence extremist activities in Africa; over 30 countries took part in this year’s Flintlock exercise at Airforce based in Tamale


The 2024 U.S. Special Operations Command Africa Exercise Flintlock has ended its three-weeks long vigorous exercise at the Airforce based in Tamale.  

Flintlock is an African partner led, U.S and international enabled exercise designed to further collective security, reaffirm commitment to the rule of law, building interoperability, promote human security and ensure trust of the civilian populace.

Flintlock which has been in operation since 2005 aims to solidify shared values among U.S, international, and African partner Special Operations Forces, foster mutual respect, further collective security, strengthen adherence and commitment amongst others.

 This year, nearly 1,300 participants from 36 countries spread over five continents participated with Ghana being the host alongside Cote d’Ivoire.

Flintlock exercise is an annual special forces exercise designed to test the operational readiness of the Special Operations Force (SOF) community of participating countries.

The exercise organized by Special Operations Command of Africa (SOCAF) of the U.S African Command (AFRICOM) is conducted in Tamale, Accra and Daboya.

The forces demonstrated their readiness both on air and grounds to fight the enemy with helicopters and armed cards and other military accoutrements.

The purpose is to strengthen the ability of key partner nations in the region to Counter Violence Extremist Organizations, collaborate across borders and provide security for their people, while respecting human rights and building trust with civilian populations.

Deputy Commander of USAAFRICOM, Lieutenant General John Brennan described the exercise as successful and shows power of corporations and common values in terms of crisis.

 Deputy Commander of USAAFRICOM, Lieutenant General John W. Brennan Jr.

The U.S Ambassador to Ghana, Virginia Evelyn Palmer stated the exercise demonstrates how important Africa is to the U.S and how important Ghana is, as a security partner. The U.S, she said, has committed 28 million dollars to provide security for the layer of development.

U.S Ambassador to Ghana, Virginia Evelyn Palmer

Chief of the Army Staff, Major General Bismarck Kwasi Onwona emphasized that the exercise was a very important opportunity for the Ghana army and other Africa countries to train together to fight against terrorism which has become a contemporary threat in the sub region.  

Chief Of the Army Staff, Major General Bismarck Kwasi Onwona

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