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Go Digital Media Consult Organizes Three-Day Media Training for Young Women


Go Digital Media Consult has successfully organized a transformative three-day free media training for young females. The three-day intensive media training program tailored specifically for young women, focusing on essential skills in journalism, news writing, video editing, graphic design, and using media for advocacy. The training, was held from June 20 to June 22, aimed to empower participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in the digital media landscape.

Ibrahim Angaangmeni Alhassan, Head of Research and Training at Go Digital Media Consult, emphasized the significance of such initiatives in bridging the gender gap in media professions. “This training is crucial for equipping young women with the skills needed to tell their stories effectively and advocate for issues that matter to them and their communities,” Alhassan noted.

The event was sponsored by the Global Media Foundation. The country director of Global Media Foundation, Clement Boateng, noted that the training aligns perfectly with the foundation’s vision. “Empowering young women through media training is central to our mission of fostering inclusive and informed societies. We believe that by supporting these initiatives, we are helping to create a more equitable media landscape,” Boateng stated.

Participants of the training lauded Go Digital Media Consult for organizing the event, highlighting the practical and transformative nature of the sessions. “The training was incredibly insightful. I feel more confident in my ability to produce compelling news stories and use various digital tools for effective communication,” said one of the attendees, told Zaa News.

Another participant shared, “Learning video editing and graphic design has opened up new possibilities for my career. I’m grateful for the opportunity and the support from both Go Digital Media Consult and the Global Media Foundation.”

The three-day workshop not only provided technical skills but also fostered a network of aspiring female media professionals, creating a supportive community for future collaborations. The successful completion of this training underscores the ongoing efforts to promote gender equality and empowerment through education and skills development in the media industry.

Story by Ibrahim Angaangmeni Alhassan/

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