The Member of Parliament for the Tamale Central Constituency Ibrahim Mohammed Murtala has become a subject of mockery by some members of his constituency on social media over his “we shall soon get to Damascus” comments.

Whiles some Facebook users are asking who or what is Damascus:, others are sarcastically lacing their boots to get to “Damascus” soon.

Early this week, a businessman and a financier of the NDC in the northern region Alhaji Hussein Yushaw Fuzak donated motor bikes to some members of the NDC. Most of the beneficiaries were Branch Executives of the party in the Tamale Central constituency.

Some viewed the donations, even though routine, as attempts by the businessman to take control of the constituency, generating a lot of conversation in Tamale.

In what appeared to be a subtle response, the Tamale Central MP on a Facebook post on Tuesday October, 12 2021 said “we must not swim in the same stinky filled mud they play in. In Shah Allah, we shall soon get to Damascus. CHIBLI”.

Since the post, many Facebook users have been ridiculing Mr Murtala. One Facebook User, Doogo Bugala wrote “Ahhh, what is it about this “Damascus” and both Hon Mutala and Hardi Diouf Wun-nam are all praying for us to reach there. And if I may ask, is Damascus a name of a person, place or a thing? #Built_To_Last”

Another person, Suadique Musah wrote “they say Damascus has a lot of beautiful ladies. Just for you to understand why Hon. Damascus is so obsessed about the Damascus trip. The Journey To Damascus!”

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