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Somed Gunu Distances Himself from Savelugu Constituency Independent Candidate


Hon. Muhammad Abdul-Samed Gunu, the former Member of Parliament for Savelugu Constituency from 2017 to 2020, has officially declared his disassociation from Mr. Abubakari Bawah, who is running as an independent candidate in the upcoming elections. This announcement comes in the wake of Mr Abubakari Bawah’s decision to contest the Savelugu constituency as an independent candidate.

In his statement, Gunu emphasized his non-support for Mr. Bawah, highlighting a significant political rift. “Mr. Bawah previously served as my campaign assistant but chose to support my opponent, Hajia Fatahiya, during the last parliamentary primaries. I therefore urge all party loyalists in the constituency to refrain from supporting his candidacy, as it is contrary to the party’s interests,” Gunu stated.

Gunu’s stance comes at a crucial time when the party is rallying its base to consolidate support for its official candidates. “The party has duly elected its Presidential and Parliamentary candidates for the Savelugu Constituency, and it is our collective responsibility to support them to ensure victory in the December 7 general elections,” he added.

This declaration by Gunu is likely to influence the political landscape in Savelugu, affecting voter allegiance and campaign strategies. The internal party support will be critical in the upcoming elections, and Gunu’s call for unity within the party ranks aims to solidify a cohesive front against independent and opposition candidates.

Sheikh Abubakari Bawah declared his intention to contest the Savelugu seat as independent candidate on his Facebook page.

“I, Sheikh Abubakari Bawah after thorough consultations and consideration, I have finally decided to contest 2024 parliamentary election as independent parliamentary candidate in response to numerous calls on me by constituents who believe both candidates for NPP and NDC are not capable and incompetent to represent the good people of Savelugu in 9th parliament” he declared.

He continued “I am poised to take up this challenge to stand as a strong mouthpiece and strong advocate to ensure that longstanding issues that affect Savelugu constituency are addressed sustainably under my representation as Member of Parliament.

I humble call for your unwavering support of the good people of Savelugu constituency in making this vision a reality. I am grateful to opinion leaders in the constituency, members and groups of both political divide, special identifiable groups for listen to my vision and their word of encouragement and motivations”.

Source: Ibrahim Angaangmeni Alhassan/

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