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Northern region is vulnerable to terrorist groups-Northern Regional Minister

Northern, North Eastern, Savannah, Upper East And Upper West egions are vulnerable to the terrorist groups,Northern Regional Minister Mr Salifu Saeed has said.

He want the people in those regions to  more vigilante and report to security agencies about suspected characters.

According to the minister, the regions have very cheap labor who are eager to work but because there are no jobs, they are prone to any enticements.
The people, he added can easily be lured by terrorist group. Mr Saeed was however happy that in spite of poverty situation, no one from the regions have been indoctrinated or lured by the terrorist group.

He calls for all hands to  be on deck in monitoring early warning signals and willing to relay the information to the security agencies to deal with.

Security Mr Saeed added was  a share responsibility and should not be left only in the hands of the security agencies.

The security agencies Mr Saeed cannot be everywhere. Mr Saeed stated this at a day’s sensitization forum on countering violence extremism organizationed by the National Security Ministry.
He also pleaded with government appointees in the regions to open their eyes and let their ears be on the ground as well as make themselves approachable by people consider ordinary to voluntarily provide useful information about terrorist group.

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