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Do not come to us for campaign if our roads are not fixed, Kanvili residents to politicians

some portions of roads at Kanvili

Residents near the Kanvilli-Tuunaayili cemetery at Nabitina have vowed not to allow any politician step a foot to campaign in any of the neighboring communities during the 2020 elections should their road being not fixed.

The call follows a press conference organized at the weekend to drum home the need to rehabilitate a particular stretch of the cemetery road that poses a threat to commuters. That ditch is usually flooded with water upon a slightest rainfall.

The said cemetery is the only one that serves Kanvilli, Gumani, Kanvilli-Tuunaayili and many others. However, mourners sometimes fall and submerge the corpse in the drain when crossing to bury the dead due to large volume of stagnant water.

The Imam of Nabitina, Seidu Abubakari on behalf of the people called on all authorities to be God-fearing and remember that they would be held accountable on the day of reckoning. He lamented that the cemetery road is crucial to all and sundry.

An opinion leader of the area and veteran media practitioner, Alhaji Baba Jemoni reiterated that if the road is not rehabilitated, they will not vote in any elections. Alhaji Baba Jemoni called on the Sagnarigu MCE, Hajia Iddrisu Mariam and the MP, Alhassan Sayibu Suhuyini to, as a matter of urgency assist, construct a bridge there.

The residents complained to the media that it has now become an annual ritual where they contribute monies to re-gravel that portion every rainy season. But the temporal solution does not seem to avert the problem hence, the need for city authorities’ intervention.


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