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Illicit drug usage in Tamale: Aboabo youth warn dealers to surrender or have themselves to blame


The youth in Aboabu, in the Tamale metropolis, have issued a stem warning all those engaging in the sale of illicit drugs to be surrounded or have themselves to blame. The youth say the area cannot be tagged as the hub of bad people when it has produced responsible people who are contributing their quota to national development. The Aboabu continue to seize illicit drugs from young people abusing themselves.

As part of an effort to get rid of illicit drugs and users in Aboabo, the youth made their intention known to the chiefs, religious leaders, and various political parties and identified dealers of tramadol.

During their six engagements with the relevant stakeholders, they identified 19 dealers in the area, and of those, only one denied dealing in tramadol and other illegal drugs. Eighteen of the dealers the youth revealed were women.
They have also identified 26 Hajias in the Tamale market who are noted for trading in tramadol and resolved to go after them if they continue to import and distribute tramadol and other dangerous, unapproved substances to the youth.

The youth made their first swoop at Aboabo Forest, seized several items, including substances suspected to be Indian hem, and also burned their bases scattered across the forest.

On Thursday, June 2, 2023, the youth made another seizure at an uncompleted two-story building in Aboabo Market and burned the seized items.
A member of the task force leading the crusade against illicit drugs Mr. Abdul Samed Bazieni appealed to other areas within Tamale and Sagnarigu Municipalities to join hands in fighting the menace. He said their mission will continue until those engaging in the acts stop and refrain from the acts.

Mr. Abdul Samed Bazien ; Task Force Leading Member

A member of the youth, Mr. Jamal Deen told Zaa News that about 20% of the young people in the forest are students from Tamale Senior High School and Ghana Senior School. Their reasons, he explained, were that they had been convinced by their peers that it would aid them in reading.
He commended imams, chiefs, various political parties, the Food and Drugs Authority, encouragement, and metropolitan and regional security committees for their support. He was not happy that two suspects they handed over to the police were released without their consent. He said that though the police are doing their best, their best is not enough.

Some of the women who spoke with Zaa News commended the youth for taking up the fight to instill discipline and sanitize the area and encouraged them to continue the effort.”There are several businesses people can venture into, not drugs, which will ruin the future of the youth, but if you speak about the dangers associated with the drugs, those Hajias trading them consider you jealous,”, one of the concerned women in Aboabo stated. She continued, “My plea to them is that they should allow their own children to take it.  

Source: Mohammed Ibrahim Head of ZaaNews 

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