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Extreme violence is a result of poor governance, accountability, and security -NCCE


The National Commission for Civic Education (NCE) has identified poor governance, lack of state accountability, inadequate security forces, and porous borders as contributing factors to violence and extremism in the country. These factors, the NCCE  said, create a path way for extrilemist ideologist to involve and promote their operations in the continent. 

Gushegu Municipal Director of NCCE, Mr. Awal Abdul Mugis, disclosed this at a day-long engagement with youth and some Assembly Members in the area. He told participants that everyone should be aware of the modus operandi of extremist and terrorist groups.

Gushegu Municipal Director of NCCE, Mr. Awal Abdul Mugis

The one-day sensitization aimed to raise awareness among community members and youth groups, promote dialogue on collective responsibility, and prevent violent extremist groups from entering Northern Ghana. The objective of the PCVE is to promote social cohesion, peace, and tolerance in the five regions of Northern Ghana. Mr. Mugis told the participants.

Mr. Mugis further argues that violence and extremism stem from marginalization, inequality, discrimination, and poverty. The NCCE aims to address these factors by engaging youth in peacebuilding, social cohesion, community surveillance, and early warning mechanisms. Tolerance is a collective effort to promote unity and national cohesion in Ghanaian society.


He encouraged the youth to make good use of the toll-free number 999 during attacks by extremist groups. Vigilantism, chieftaincy disputes, ethnic clashes, and the proliferation of arms pose serious challenges to Ghana’s peace and unity, he noted. Mr. Mugis quoted Martin Luther King as saying that “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than programs or social uplifts is approaching spiritual dominance.” A disciplined youth or citizenry can build a great nation and a better Ghana. He charged the youth of Gushegu to contribute their quota towards ensuring peaceful coexistence and also be vigilant about extremist activities in the area.

Source; Mohammed Ibrahim,

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