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The King of Dagbon was honored, along with Zaa Multimedia and MASLOC CEOs, for their invaluable contributions to the Kingdom.


Pagba Sahaha Foundation (Time with Women), a Local Non-Governmental Organization operating in the northern region, has presented citations to the King of Dagbon, Ndan Ya-Naa Abukari II, the Dagomba Chief in the United States of America and CEO of Zaa Multimedia, Alhaji Muhammad Ibn Umar, and the CEO of Microfinance and Small Loans Center (MASLOC), Hajia Habibata Shani Mahama.

A ceremony organized by the foundation in Yendi to celebrate this year recognizes the contribution of the King of Dagbon for exhibiting wisdom, strength, visionary leadership, and unwavering commitment to the welfare of the kingdom.

CEO of Zaa Multimedia, Alhaji Muhammad Ibn Umar, was also honored for his outstanding contributions to Dagbon culture and unwavering commitment to uniting northerners in the diaspora.

Zaa MultiMedia, and the Chief of Dagomba Community in the USA. honors, above is the citation.

The citation reads: “Throughout his remarkable journey, Chief has consistently demonstrated a deep passion for our culture, working tirelessly to preserve, celebrate, and showcase its rich heritage.

His exceptional efforts have not only raised awareness of the diverse traditions, customs, and artistic expressions of Dagbon but also instilled a sense of pride and unity among its citizens”.

Hajia Habibata was also honored for being a driving force in empowering Ghanaian entrepreneurs and fostering economic growth.

Parts of her citation read, “Under her astute leadership, MASLOC has played a pivotal role in providing access to affordable loans, financial support, and business training to micro and small enterprises across the country”.

The General Manager of Zaa Multimedia, Mr. Yahaya Mubarak, received the citation on behalf of Alhaji Muhammad Umar Ibn.

Yahaya Mubarak; General Manager of Zaa Multimedia

Pagba Saha Foundation, founded by a retired broadcaster from the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), Dagbon Timtoni Naa, and Hajia Sawuratu Alhassan, has been working in the areas of enhancing social and economic health, education, and the general well-being of children, youth, women, and the vulnerable in society. The foundation produces content that airs on radio and television.

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