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Ayass Ghazale Mahamadu, an NPP communicator, lauds Hardi Pagaza’s actions.


According to Ayass Ghazale Mahamadu, an NPP communicator, his good friend and brother, Iddrisu Hardi Pagazaa, did the right thing last night. He proves that he is always ready to defend his political integrity. He stated.

He does not understand why owners of radio stations will not outline to their staff their job descriptions and let them understand the difference between a DJ and a journalist. “What happened last night will keep repeating,” he warned.

“The fact that you are employed to control a console and entertain society must not give you an opportunity to abuse the rights of politicians with misinformation and naked lies.” He reiterated.

He further called for the gentleman to be sacked from the radio station for his constant unprofessional behavior on air, or better yet, he should be restricted to playing only country music for listeners

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