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Tamale: Yakubu Leftey foots the medical bills for three patients


Ghana international left-back Yakubu Issahaku Leftey has paid the medical bills for three (3) children at the Central Hospital in Tamale.

The beneficiaries, Christabel, Sadilan, and Rukaya, were all on admission at the emergency and fistula wards, receiving medical attention. 

The bills were paid on behalf of the player by Halid Prince Mukadi, head of sports at Zaa MultiMedia.

The payment of the bills forms part of a series of occasional humanitarian works that the player has engaged in for some time now, which have provided relief and assistance to the underprivileged and needy in his hometown of Tamale.

Parents of the children expressed joy and happiness over the gesture.

“We thank Afa Yakubu Leftey for coming to our aid. We didn’t know what to do; things are very difficult, and we were praying to God to send a helper to come to our aid, and God being so good, an “angel,” who is a player, has come to our aid. “We are grateful, and may God bless him abundantly for what he has done for us,” one of the parents remarked.

Prince Mukadi has been an ardent follow-up journalist on the philanthropic works of Yakubu Leftey, both in and around the Tamale Metropolis, and to also make sure parents of beneficial persons are interviewed on that as a way of confirming what has been given to them.

One may think that Prince Mukadi’s work ends there, but he goes the extra mile to find out the inner feelings of such people and brings them onto camera for others to be inspired, knowing very well that whenever they find themselves in such circumstances, there are still good people out there to come to their aid. Through his good journalistic work, he is able to uncover such underprivileged parents who are in dire need, and what he does is to give them exposure through his Facebook page and Zaa MultiMedia’s official Facebook page, where people read and visually watch and thus come to the support of those affected families. 

By Halid Prince Mukadi Gbramoni, Zaa Multimedia

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