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Zaa Multimedia’s DJ Bat bags the Best NEA 2023 Media Personality Award.


Abdul Hamid Umaru Sanda, host of Entertainment Shows on Zaa Multimedia and operator of Zaa Radio and Zaa TV, has been adjudged the Best Media Personality in this year’s NEA 2023 Media Awards.    

The Best NEA 2023 Media Personality Award.

This is in recognition of Abdul Hamid Umaru Sanda’s immense contribution to the steady growth of Entertainment in Northern Ghana.  

The Host of Showbizplug on Zaa TV and Late Drive Show on Zaa Radio, Abdul Hamid Umaru Sanda, popularly known as DJ Bat in showbiz circles, has been relentless in his quest to contribute to the development of the Creative Art industry across the five Regions of the North and was noticed by winning the Best Media Personality Award, the second time in a roll.   

DJ, Bat

DJ Bat shared his joy on Zaa Multimedia’s social media platforms and has dedicated the award to the Chief Executive Officer of Zaa Multimedia, Alhaji Muhammad Umar, Managing Director, Yahaya Mubarik, the Head of Programs, Abukari Memunatu, the TV and Radio Directors, and all other staff of Zaa Multimedia.   

“We won the awards . Thanks to everyone of you in this house for your immense support and the showbizplug crew at large .I dedicate this award to the entirety of Zaa Multimedia, especially our CEO and general manager alongside my TV Director @⁨Jahanfo Zaa⁩ @⁨Sister Memunatu Zaa⁩@⁨Alhaji Umar USA⁩ @⁨Mubarik Zaa⁩ @⁨Gafaru USA⁩ @⁨Bra Rashid⁩ @⁨Laabans⁩ @⁨Saakubadoo Zaa⁩ @⁨Francis Zaa⁩”. DJ Bat posted on the WhatsApp group.  

His colleagues took turns to congratulate DJ Bat for this achievement, describing it as “a great feat and honor to Zaa Multimedia.

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