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TTH commissions a new CT scan and pediatric theater for children’s surgery.


The Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) has commissioned a new computerized tomography (CT) scan and a pediatric theater to improve quality and timely healthcare delivery within the hospital’s catchment area. In 2021, both major and minor surgeries summed up to 328 (18.0%), and in 2022, it increased to 357 (8.8%).


Dr. Adam Atiku, Acting Chief Executive for Tamale Teaching Hospital, thanked the government for providing the hospital with CT scans under the COVID-19 recovery program and said the new theater would increase the turnaround time and reduce delays in attending to children.

He appealed to the general public and benevolent organizations to come to their aid with more equipment. The new pediatric theater at TTH is the first of its kind in Ghana and intends to address the lack of dedicated theaters for children. It is a priority for the government to provide the needed equipment and infrastructure to aid professionals at TTH.

The Board Chairman of TTH, Mr. Mahmoud Hamid Nassir-Deen, pleaded with management to ensure that the theater is maintained to encourage other donors to lend a helping hand.

Mr. Mahmoud Hamid Nassir-Deen ; Board Chairman of TTH

The Sule Salifu, , Sule Salifu, said access to quality health was a priority for the government. He reiterated the government’s commitment to providing the needed equipment and infrastructure to help professionals at TTH discharge their duties.

The Chief of Wurishee thanked the government and development partners for coming to the aid of TTH to address some of their challenges. The chief appealed to the management of TTH to ensure that the equipment provided was properly taken care of.

Chief of Wurishee

The chief also appealed to the government and SmileTrain to assist the hospital with a constant supply of spare parts for the equipment.

Source; Mohammed Ibrahim

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