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If Ghanaians vote against the NPP, you will beg the NDC to takeover Power – Yammin schools  Bryn 


Hon. Joseph Yammin, National Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress, responded swiftly to Hon. Bryan Acheampong’s public statement that the NPP will never hand over power to the NDC in 2024. On April 8, 2023, he made this statement to party supporters following a health walk. Hon. Yammin, in responding to this, wrote on his Facebook page, in which he stated that if the NPP believes the NDC will be unprepared for the 2024 elections, they should reconsider their dream because the NDC will face them squarely on the ground.

Hon. Joseph Yammin’s full statement is below:

“When I hear people speak so childish like what a dishonorable member of parliament by name Bryan Acheampong or something is reported to have said I get to wonder if indeed they know and understand the exact words coming out of their mouths.
Let me tell them and I mean the NPP that if their thinking of breaking the 8 is not about how good they’ve been as a government but how prepared they are to rig the elections then they should forget about the so called breaking the 8.
If their thinking is that the NDC will go into the 2024 elections unprepared then they should rethink because we are ready to meet them.
Let me tell them and they should mark it that THEY WILL BEGTO HANDOVER POWER TO JOHN MAHAMA AND THE NDC IN 2024 if Ghanaians vote against them.
Let no one deceive them to think we are not prepared for them come 2024.
I still stand by my campaign pledge to the NDC delegates that the Moses principle of YOU SLAP I SLAP, YOU KICK I KICK, YOU STOP I STOP is the guiding principle of the NDC into 2024 as long as I remain the National Organizer of the Great NDC”

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