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I feel disappointed in the Nana Akuffo-Bawumia-led administration’s discontinuity of all the major roads NDC initiated in the Northern Region—Inusah Fusieni.


The former Minister of Roads and Highways, Honourable Inusah Fusieni, has expressed disappointment over the Akuffo-Addo Bawumia-led government’s inability to complete major road infrastructure projects started by the erstwhile Mahama administration. According to the former Tamale Central legislator and Minster of Roads and Highways, the roads he started as the road minister in the northern region are yet to be completed. ‘’The roads I started eight years ago are yet to be completed; I feel terribly disappointed’’ he lamented.

One of the uncompleted roads.

He dares the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to mention any major road projects they have completed in the northern region since gaining power in 2017. ’’I know, and President Mahama knew what the completion of the roads would do to the economy of this country. So they should tell us, in the northern region since they came, which major road have they completed?’’ he queried.

Listing the major roads started during the NDC’s regime, Lawyer Inusah Fusieni said he wails whenever those projects come to mind. ‘’Looking at the Karaga road, it ought to be constructed all the way to Gusheigu and link to the eastern corridor road; has it been completed?’’ He questioned. ‘’When we were in power, we secured funding from the World Bank for the eastern corrido through Zabzugu to Togo because we knew the economic benefit that could bring. Has it been completed?” he further queried.

The former legislator further stated that all the major link roads they started have been abandoned. ‘’ Gushegu to Cherepone road, Gusheigu to Saboba road, Tolon to Kasulyili road, Kasulyili to Kumbungu road, Kumbungu to Dalung road, all these were earmarked for construction; have they completed it?”

Meanwhile, the former minister also assured of the National Democratic Congress’s (NDC’s readiness to debate the NPP in any way. ‘’We are much ready, ready to debate the NPP, and that debate is not about insulting people. We are not going to compete on insults, but we will compete on records’’ he added.

Touching on the NDC’s readiness to win power in 2024, Inusah Fusieni called on the ranks and file of the party to unite for power.

Story filed by: Sulemana Tarimbia

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