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Avoid seeing one another as problems; instead, consider illness, poverty and illiteracy as your common enemies – Rt Hon. Speaker Bagbin urges Northerners


The Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, has commended the people of Dagbon and the Dagbon Redevelopment Committee for their decision to construct a new Gbewaa Palace for the Kingdom, which deserves a befitting Palace.

 According to the Rt. Hon. Speaker Bagbin, the reconstruction of the new Palace is long over due for one of the earliest Kingdoms in Ghana. He recalls that the first graduate in the whole of the north was Alhassan Gbazaba, who completed university in 1953. By the 18th century, they were already professors in the south, which indicates a gap of about 200 years between the south and the north. It is not easy to catch up because as the north struggles to catch up, the south increases its speed.

 The new development he observed has shown that this is the time for the north. The Speaker pleaded with the people of the northern region to avert their minds from the historical developmental gap and prepare themselves for development. He urged everyone to move away from seeing each other as the problem and rather consider poverty, diseases, and ignorance as the problems. The struggle that gave birth to him as a Speaker. That struggle, he said, was a massage to Ghana and has strengthened him and made him an impartial Speaker. He recounted.

 Explaining his visit to the Northern Zone,  the Speaker said Ghana has enjoyed a solid 30 years of uninterrupted democracy under the fourth republic, with no military coups again. The country and the speaker have been practicing multiparty constitutional democracy, and he is lucky to be in parliament for the period. This is the turn of the people of the Northern Zone, and it is evidently clear that two people from the north are vying to become president. He further remarks.

The Speaker has admitted before the King of Dagbon that the Members of Parliament from the region have always been very supportive of his work as Speaker of Parliament. “The almighty God has used these MPs here to fight and make sure that I become speaker of Ghana, and with that, we have been given this honor as a people. And throughout this journey, your representatives, your members of Parliament, have been solidly behind me, particularly the former leader, Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, who has gone round with me to all these places to make sure I was elected as the speaker of the Common Wealth. As a result of that, this year all these parliaments are coming to Ghana for us to have a conference in Accra at the end of September,” the Speaker acknowledges.

Rt. Hon. Babgin and Hon. Haruna Iddrisu in conversation.

Protecting Cultural Identity

Mr. Bagbin, who, ever since becoming the speaker, has always dressed in traditional attire, explained that the identity of every human being is the greatest value God has given to the person. He said once you lose that identity and become part of the mob, you have no value, and Ghana and Ghanaians must agree and accept it and go back to the root. “We need a rebirth to be able to be of value to the world”. He stated.  

Source; Mohammed Ibrahim,

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