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Water crisis: private tanker drivers announce a new price and blame PURC and GWCL for the increment.


The private water tanker drivers’ association in Tamale has hinted at possible increases in the price of water within the metropolis. The tanker drivers, consisting of drivers drawing water from the GWCL water works substation and the Tamale College of Education substation, attributed the increment to the new tariff adjustment approved by the Public Utility Regulatory Commission (PURC). According to them, they used to buy per unit 8.20, but that has been increased by the Ghana Water Company Limited to 31.50 per unit in line with the new tariffs.

The tanker drivers say it is not their wish to do this increment, but the circumstances leading to it are beyond their control. At a brief meeting on March 28th, 2023, to register their displeasure against the increment, the drivers explained that they have met with GWCL over the issue but were told it is beyond them in the region because it is a government decision to increase the tariffs. The new tariffs, according to them, will collapse their business if not reversed. They claimed a litre of water is now higher than a litre of petrol and diesel.     

The new price is expected to take effect on April 1st, 2023, and they, as private tanker drivers, will also increase their price in order to remain in business.

The chairman of the Tanker Drivers Association, Alhassan Iddrisu, spoke with Zaa News and Some of the tanker drivers who spoke to the Zaa newsman expressed their disappointment at GWCL for leaving the water works in such a bad state while increasing water usage. They claimed they had been using their earnings to maintain the place. One of the tanker drivers, Sualisu Issahaku Gbanjili, called on the Northern regional minister, the metropolitan chief executive, and the chiefs in Tamale to intervene before they are pushed out of business and explained why they are also increasing prices.

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