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Empower Development and Agriculture Journalists for Positive Results-Executive Director of Country-wise Communication


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The executive director of Country-wise Communication, Mr.Vuol Raymond has called for the empowerment of development and agriculture journalists in the northern region.

According to him, journalists are doing a lot in agriculture but are faced with several challenges. Some of these challenges, he mentioned, include transportation, accommodation, feeding and the lack of basic resources to work with anytime the journalist travel to the rural areas for stories.

It is against this backdrop that the award, “Harmattan Awards for Development Journalists’’ was set up by Countrywise Communication Ghana, a multimedia corporate organization.

The awards ceremony is an annual event instituted by Countrywise Communication to honour hardworking and motivated development journalists practising in Northern Ghana– the Upper West, Upper East and Northern Regions.

It targets professionals who are very passionate about reporting on the challenges and prospects that exist in the field of agriculture in northern Ghana. It also forms part of the organisation’s contribution towards encouraging development reporting by journalists and stimulating public discourse for policy considerations to support the agricultural sector for the benefit of all.


Countrywise Communication works towards promoting agricultural production and rural development in Ghana through the production of quality videos on best farming practices, supporting NGOs and government institutions by documenting their work using audiovisual production of agro training materials, translation of videos into various local languages, using drama as a tool for awareness creation, and screening of videos in communities using their mobile multimedia tricycle.


The awards seek to encourage journalists to develop and renew their interest in development and agribusiness reporting to improve the welfare of smallholder farmers in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals. Speaking to journalist at the press briefing on the awards, Mr Raymond noted that countrywise communication is using the awards as a tool to refocus the energies of hardworking journalists for the benefit of the agro sector and particularly poor farmers in northern Ghana.


The awards scheme covers four categories namely; Radio, print, TV and local languages. He has therefore encouraged journalists to file their stories when the nominations are opened. Application period is from 5th November, 2018 to 7th January, 2019.



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